Strategies for Managing Chronic Pain

Pain affects more than just your back, knee or neck. It impacts everything you do - the way you work, the way you play, and the lives those who care about you. Chronic pain is a stressful condition because people with chronic pain are not always able to do the things they want to do. People who have chronic pain sometimes push themselves to "work through" the pain, or overdo it on a "good day" to get as much done as possible, only to experience intense pain for days afterwards. Chronic pain makes people less tolerant of minor annoyances leading to increased anger and frustration with others. Anger, frustration, and depression can make pain seem even more intense. This doesnt mean "pain is in your head" but it does show that the way you think can have an impact on how you experience pain. If there was something you could do to take the edge off your pain wouldnt it be worth giving a try?

There are strategies people can learn that can help them to manage their pain more effectively without relying exclusively on medications or surgical procedures. These strategies are free to learn and practice, have no side effects, and once you learn them they are yours for life. By reading through each of the sections of this site you will learn about chronic pain, the things that can make it increase or decrease, and the best ways to keep it under control and move ahead with your life.

This website was created by Dr. John Otis , a clinical psychologist specializing in chronic pain management, and is designed to provide through, user friendly information that can help you learn ways to cope more effectively with chronic pain. We accept no commercial advertising and all the information presented on this website is based on evidence showing that it actually works.